Das Swift Level Assessment von Onolingo (OSLA) prüft Ihre Englischkenntnisse, damit Sie den richtigen Kurs für Ihr Sprachniveau wählen können. Es gibt insgesamt 80 Fragen. Sie haben höchstens 30 Minuten Zeit, um den Test zu bearbeiten, aber Sie können auch schneller fertig sein.

Lesen Sie jede Frage sorgfältig durch und wählen Sie dann die beste Antwort aus den 3 oder 4 Möglichkeiten. Wenn Sie sich unsicher fühlen, machen Sie sich keine Sorgen. Das ist ganz normal.

Jedes Mal, wenn Sie eine Antwort auswählen, geht der Test automatisch zur nächsten Frage über. Wenn Sie glauben, dass Sie einen Fehler gemacht haben, machen Sie sich keine Sorgen, es gibt genügend Fragen, so dass der Test Ihnen immer noch ein genaues Ergebnis liefern kann.

BITTE BEACHTEN SIE: Bevor Sie mit dem Test beginnen, suchen Sie sich einen ruhigen Ort mit einer starken Internetverbindung, an dem Sie nicht gestört werden.

Beantworten Sie so viele Fragen, wie Sie können, auch wenn Sie die richtige Antwort nicht wissen. Sie können den Test jederzeit abbrechen, aber je mehr Fragen Sie beantworten, desto genauer wird Ihr Ergebnis sein.

Am Ende des Tests werden Sie aufgefordert, Ihren Namen und Ihre E-Mail-Adresse anzugeben, damit Sie Ihre Ergebnisse erhalten können. Wie in unserer Datenschutzerklärung angegeben, wird Onolingo Ihre Daten niemals verkaufen oder Ihnen unerwünschte E-Mails schicken.

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I come from America, and you? _______________ you from America, too?

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In your town, _________________________?

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My brother lives in Baltimore. _______________ likes it there.

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Is something wrong? _______________ are you crying?

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Airline Agent: Here are your tickets and boarding passes. Have a nice flight.

Passenger: Thank you. Oh, and could you tell me where our _______________ gate is?

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Hotel clerk: Good evening. May I help you?

Traveller: Yes, _________________________?

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Restaurant server: So, are you ready to _______________ or do you need another minute?

Customer: We're ready. I'll have. . .

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Visitor: Excuse me, is the railway station this way?

Person in street: Oh, ______________________________.

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Bob: My name is Bob Parker.

John: John Ronson. _________________________, Mr. Parker.

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Fred: Barney, it's nice to see you again!

Barney: _________________________, Fred.

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Patty: I'll give you a ring sometime next week.

Susan: Great! _________________________.

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Chris: I like your jacket. Where did you get it?

Sam: I _______________ it at the Paris flea market last year.

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Have you ever _______________ with a movie star?

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Apart from one song by Kenny G., Vincent hates soft jazz.

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Rita stopped eating meat when she was a teenager. Now, the only time she eats meat is at Christmas dinner.

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Martin: Shall we eat dinner before or after the film?

Patty: Well, the film starts _______________ 18:30, but it's only 90 minutes long. So, let's eat after.

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Patty: That's an interesting picture, Chuck.

Chuck: Yes, I like it, too. It was painted _______________ my sister. She's an artist.

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Well, we're all packed. We're leaving _______________ Oslo in the morning.

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I have a very old stamp in my collection. It dates _______________ the 17th century.

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Samantha: What's the matter with your eyes?

Joseph: It's the pollen. This always happens to me _______________ spring.

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Madison: Do you have a favorite author?

Germain: Not anymore, but when I was younger I was a real fan _______________ Steinbeck.

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We live _______________ the fourth floor.

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Ellen: Do you want to come down to the pub with us?

Thomas: Thanks, but I ____________________ this report and I have to finish it today.

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What time _______________ up this morning?

25 / 80

Rose: Are you going to Samuel and Jennifer's wedding next month?

Ada: Oh, are they were getting married? I guess they _______________ me.

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Look at those clouds! We'd better find shelter because _________________________ any minute.

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Sid: Have you got any plans for the weekend?

Jonny: Yes, _______________ down to Brighton to see my aunt.

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The cities of the future _________________________ self-driving cars and moving walkways.

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I'm sorry _______________ you.

30 / 80

Do you fancy _______________ for some ice cream after dinner?

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The air we breathe mostly consists __________ nitrogen.

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We will go to the concert on Saturday ______________________________

33 / 80

I would be much happier, if I ______________________________

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We ____________________ the game if we’d had a bit more time.

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The time I broke my brother's camera he went _______________ me like never before. That's the only time I've ever had a black eye.

36 / 80

I wish you girls would stop messing _______________ and get to work.

37 / 80

I could really use your help in here, if you can _________________________ your iPad for a few minutes.

38 / 80

When I was younger, I was never much _________________________ cards, but now I quite enjoy Bridge.

39 / 80

The boss is ill, so it looks like the quarterly meeting will have to be put _______________ till next month.

40 / 80

I don't believe a word you're saying. I think _________________________ .

41 / 80

Thank you for driving me to the station. I hope I'm not _________________________.

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It sounds like the conference will be very interesting. I'm looking forward _______________ you there.

43 / 80

If you like, I can _________________________ for dinner.

44 / 80

Dinner will be ready in 30 minutes. Why don't you relax and _______________ your feet up till then?

45 / 80

Would you like to _______________ us a visit on Saturday?

46 / 80

This morning there were _______________ of fog on the motorway.

47 / 80

We found some _______________ bargains at the outlet mall.

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Henry: Do you like the movie The Godfather, Willis?

Willis: I haven't _______________ seen it.

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When Laura broke her mother's expensive teacup, Laura's mother did not appear _______________.

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My uncle Harry is quite an _______________ man. He's lived all over the world.

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Oh, no! There isn't _______________ more coffee. We've completely run out.

52 / 80

May I _______________ some mayonnaise to go with my fries, please?

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With a population of around 1 million people, Oslo is the _______________  city in Norway.

54 / 80

Oh no! I haven't got any money with me. Can I _______________ five bucks? I'll pay you back tomorrow.

55 / 80

Billy: Hey Frank, is everything alright? You looked stressed.

Frank: Yes, I am stressed. I'm not finished with this report and my boss needs it _______________ four this afternoon.

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Look at what's in my hand! Can you guess what _______________ is?

57 / 80

One of my best teachers was Mr. Webber. I learned a _______________ deal from him.

58 / 80

Steve: That's the exact laptop that I want. Too bad it's only on sale today. I don't have enough money for it now.

Earl: Well, I can _______________ you the money so you can buy the laptop today. You can pay me back next month.

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There is a saying in English: "Too _______________ cooks spoil the broth.

60 / 80

I can't believe how _______________ it costs to see a movie these days.

61 / 80

Have you heard that Brian didn't pass his driving test? The poor guy: he's _______________ disappointed.

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It's hard to believe, but there are _______________ people who don't like chocolate ice cream.

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London is, in fact, quite an easy city to see on foot. It's really not _______________ a big place.

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My train has been delayed, so I won't arrive home _______________ midnight.

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Betty Lou: Pierre's English was much better five years ago.

Leroy: Well, he doesn't use English in his new job. I don't think he's _______________ English anymore.

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Police have no clue to the hacker's identity, so it looks like they have _________________________ their crime, and won't be punished.

67 / 80

Harry: The summer when I was 20 I worked on a fishing boat.

Elizabeth: Interesting!

Harry: It was, but it took me about half the summer to _________________________ up so early every morning.

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As we grow older, it's only natural for our hair to ____________________.

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Look at those clouds! It'll probably rain. We'd better _________________________.

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I'm not sure whether to paint the kitchen myself or to __________ it painted by a professional.

71 / 80

Gather around, everyone, and lend me your ____________________. I have an incredible story to tell you.

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We gave the workers a key so that they could _______________ themselves in and out.

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Simon didn't want to tidy up his room, but his mother _______________ him do it.

74 / 80

Sales person: Well, have you made up your _______________?

Customer: Yes, I'll take the green one.

75 / 80

Do you see that yellow house over there? When I was a child we lived in that house, but it _______________ blue then.

76 / 80

The coffee is fresh. __________ you like some?

77 / 80

Gretchen: Help yourself to more coffee, Robert.

Robert: Thank you, ______________________________.

78 / 80

The room feels too warm to me. Would you _________________________ the window?

79 / 80

Host: Is there anything you'd like to do while you're visiting?

Visitor: Well, ___________________________________

80 / 80

Bill: How is your coffee, Steve?

Steve: Well, _________________________.

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