Das Swift Level Assessment von Onolingo (OSLA) prüft Ihre Englischkenntnisse, damit Sie den richtigen Kurs für Ihr Sprachniveau wählen können. Es gibt insgesamt 80 Fragen. Sie haben höchstens 30 Minuten Zeit, um den Test zu bearbeiten, aber Sie können auch schneller fertig sein.

Lesen Sie jede Frage sorgfältig durch und wählen Sie dann die beste Antwort aus den 3 oder 4 Möglichkeiten. Wenn Sie sich unsicher fühlen, machen Sie sich keine Sorgen. Das ist ganz normal.

Jedes Mal, wenn Sie eine Antwort auswählen, geht der Test automatisch zur nächsten Frage über. Wenn Sie glauben, dass Sie einen Fehler gemacht haben, machen Sie sich keine Sorgen, es gibt genügend Fragen, so dass der Test Ihnen immer noch ein genaues Ergebnis liefern kann.

BITTE BEACHTEN SIE: Bevor Sie mit dem Test beginnen, suchen Sie sich einen ruhigen Ort mit einer starken Internetverbindung, an dem Sie nicht gestört werden.

Beantworten Sie so viele Fragen, wie Sie können, auch wenn Sie die richtige Antwort nicht wissen. Sie können den Test jederzeit abbrechen, aber je mehr Fragen Sie beantworten, desto genauer wird Ihr Ergebnis sein.

Am Ende des Tests werden Sie aufgefordert, Ihren Namen und Ihre E-Mail-Adresse anzugeben, damit Sie Ihre Ergebnisse erhalten können. Wie in unserer Datenschutzerklärung angegeben, wird Onolingo Ihre Daten niemals verkaufen oder Ihnen unerwünschte E-Mails schicken.

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I have two hobbies: tennis and photography. What _______________ your hobbies?

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I like chocolate, and you? _______________ chocolate, too?

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This is my daughter. _______________ name is Lotta.

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I like Italian food. _______________ is the food in this Italian restaurant?

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Airline Agent: Would you prefer a window seat or to sit on the _______________?

Passenger: A window seat, please.

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Hotel clerk: So, here is your credit card back. You're all checked in. Would you like a wake up call?

Hotel guest: Oh, ______________________________.

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Restaurant server: So, are you ready to _______________ or do you need another minute?

Customer: We're ready. I'll have. . .

8 / 80

Visitor: Excuse me, is there a tourist office near here?

Person in the street: Yes, ______________________________. The tourist office will be on your left.

9 / 80

Bob: My name is Bob Parker.

John: John Ronson. _________________________, Mr. Parker.

10 / 80

Spencer: Hi Thorsten, how are you?

Thorsten: _________________________

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Patty: I'll give you a ring sometime next week.

Susan: Great! _________________________.

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Jane: You're nose is very red, Ron.

Ron: Yes, I know. I was at the disco last Friday, and I _______________ a cold.

13 / 80

Judy: I hope that you repair that step soon. I've almost _______________ three times this week.

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On Friday evenings, Norman likes to meet his friends at the pub, but sometimes his friends want to go on Saturday.

15 / 80

Sam doesn't like to go out dancing, but twice a year he goes with his wife.

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Ted: How's work these days?

Ben: Really good. _______________ the moment, I'm working on a very interesting project.

17 / 80

Angelina: I've heard this song before, but do you know who wrote it?

Mason: I think the song is _______________ Bob Dylan.

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Well, we're all packed. We're leaving _______________ Oslo in the morning.

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I have a very old stamp in my collection. It dates _______________ the 17th century.

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The first thing I like to do _______________ the morning is have a strong cup of coffee.

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Gertrud: Is that your son?

Albert: No, he's the son _______________ my wife's niece.

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We live _______________ the fourth floor.

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Gundreda: Do you want to come outside and watch the sunset?

Humfrey: Thanks for the offer, but I ____________________ this programme and it's really interesting.

24 / 80

What time _______________ up this morning?

25 / 80

I can't remember the last time I saw a film. I _________________________ to the cinema in ages.

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Rachelle: A fantastic new club has just opened. Do you want to go with us this evening?

Sarah: Thanks, but I _______________ to bed early. I've got a lot to do tomorrow.

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Sid: Have you got any plans for the weekend?

Jonny: Yes, _______________ down to Brighton to see my aunt.

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The cities of the future _________________________ self-driving cars and moving walkways.

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Sorry I was late today. I promise _______________ on time tomorrow.

30 / 80

I'm completely happy here. I can't imagine _______________ anywhere else.

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Uncle Albert paid _______________ our lunch.

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We will go to the concert on Saturday ______________________________

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I would be much happier, if I ______________________________

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My friend, Jerry, bought a house in the country, but he says living in the country is boring. Jerry would have been happier with his decision, if he ______________________________

35 / 80

George Sr. must be very proud how much his son takes _______________ him.

36 / 80

After losing their way, they wandered _______________ aimlessly till the rescue service found them.

37 / 80

I don't like my cousin Richard. He thinks he knows everything better, and he's always _________________________.

38 / 80

When I was younger, I was never much _________________________ cards, but now I quite enjoy Bridge.

39 / 80

As my grandmother often said, "Do not put _______________ till tomorrow what you can do today."

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I have a great-aunt who lives near Washington D.C. Whenever I'm in the area I like to call _______________ her.

41 / 80

It was so loud in the railway station that I couldn't _______________ what that man was saying.

42 / 80

I look forward _______________ you next week.

43 / 80

Believe it or not, some people find it quite easy to _______________ a new foreign language.

44 / 80

Dinner will be ready in 30 minutes. Why don't you relax and _______________ your feet up till then?

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This morning there were _______________ of fog on the motorway.

46 / 80

Tom: How was the traffic this morning?

Jerry: It was pretty _______________.

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You really should take your car to the mechanic now. Otherwise, you'll _______________ a big problem.

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Ruth: You live in Los Angeles now, don't you Fred?

Fred: We did, but we _______________ moved to to San Francisco two years ago.

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There's a lecture at the Natural History Museum tomorrow evening on spelunking. If you're _______________ we could go together.

50 / 80

I wouldn't say that the tennis match was _______________ exactly, but I have seen better.

51 / 80

If you need my help, just give me a call. You can call _______________ time you like.

52 / 80

When my sister was at school, she studied all of the time. Her dream was to _______________ a doctor.

53 / 80

The first time I was in London I was surprised that the city is really not all that _______________. You can easily get around on foot.

54 / 80

I don't know what this word means. Can I _______________ your dictionary for a minute?

55 / 80

Billy: Hey Frank, is everything alright? You looked stressed.

Frank: Yes, I am stressed. I'm not finished with this report and my boss needs it _______________ four this afternoon.

56 / 80

Look at what I have in my hand! Can you guess what _______________ are?

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Paris is one of the _______________ cities in the world. I love it!

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Steve: That's the exact laptop that I want. Too bad it's only on sale today. I don't have enough money for it now.

Earl: Well, I can _______________ you the money so you can buy the laptop today. You can pay me back next month.

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There is a saying in English: "Too _______________ cooks spoil the broth.

60 / 80

Michelle: Would you like to go to the park with us?

Barry: I'd love to, but I've got _______________ work.

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I can't believe what good luck we've had. The people who moved in next door to us are _______________ nice.

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Wilma: Your cake was wonderful, Betty!

Betty: Thank you! There is a little bit left.  Would you like _______________ more?

63 / 80

I think you'll really like Christopher. He's _______________ a nice guy.

64 / 80

Billy: Hey Reg, we're going out to a restaurant. Do you want to join us?

Reg: I'd love to, but Marilyn just called to say that she'll be late. Someone has to stay here _______________ six, so I guess that's me.

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The first summer that I worked as a camp counsellor was hard because I wasn't _________________________ up so early every morning.

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Her boyfriend left her to take a job in New Zealand, but she eventually _________________________.

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Raymond: What was the most difficult thing about working in Shenzhen, Jeffery?

Jeffery: Well, the language, I suppose. It's not easy to _________________________ in a foreign language.

68 / 80

Vincent van Gogh is one of the greatest painters, but he eventually _______________ mad.

69 / 80

I'll be ready to leave in ten minutes. I'm just going to _________________________.

70 / 80

You know the woman who decorated the Jones' house? Well, we're _______________ her do ours, as well.

71 / 80

Mary needs some help. Would you lend her ____________________, please?

72 / 80

The boys wanted to know if I would ____________________ them use the boat this weekend.

73 / 80

Simon didn't want to tidy up his room, but his mother _______________ him do it.

74 / 80

I had planned to buy a new smartphone this month, but then I changed my _______________ .

75 / 80

My grandfather told me that when he was a child they _______________ so many TV channels.

76 / 80

The coffee is fresh. __________ for some?

77 / 80

Alice: Would you like another piece of cake, Pierre?

Pierre: Thank you. It was delicious, but _________________________ eat another bite.

78 / 80

Sorry to trouble you, but I _________________________ if you would post a letter for me on your way home.

79 / 80

Host: Did you have any trouble finding us?

Visitor: Oh, ___________________________________.

80 / 80

Randy: Here's your coffee.

Tom: Thank you!

Randy: _________________________

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