Das Swift Level Assessment von Onolingo (OSLA) prüft Ihre Englischkenntnisse, damit Sie den richtigen Kurs für Ihr Sprachniveau wählen können. Es gibt insgesamt 80 Fragen. Sie haben höchstens 30 Minuten Zeit, um den Test zu bearbeiten, aber Sie können auch schneller fertig sein.

Lesen Sie jede Frage sorgfältig durch und wählen Sie dann die beste Antwort aus den 3 oder 4 Möglichkeiten. Wenn Sie sich unsicher fühlen, machen Sie sich keine Sorgen. Das ist ganz normal.

Jedes Mal, wenn Sie eine Antwort auswählen, geht der Test automatisch zur nächsten Frage über. Wenn Sie glauben, dass Sie einen Fehler gemacht haben, machen Sie sich keine Sorgen, es gibt genügend Fragen, so dass der Test Ihnen immer noch ein genaues Ergebnis liefern kann.

BITTE BEACHTEN SIE: Bevor Sie mit dem Test beginnen, suchen Sie sich einen ruhigen Ort mit einer starken Internetverbindung, an dem Sie nicht gestört werden.

Beantworten Sie so viele Fragen, wie Sie können, auch wenn Sie die richtige Antwort nicht wissen. Sie können den Test jederzeit abbrechen, aber je mehr Fragen Sie beantworten, desto genauer wird Ihr Ergebnis sein.

Am Ende des Tests werden Sie aufgefordert, Ihren Namen und Ihre E-Mail-Adresse anzugeben, damit Sie Ihre Ergebnisse erhalten können. Wie in unserer Datenschutzerklärung angegeben, wird Onolingo Ihre Daten niemals verkaufen oder Ihnen unerwünschte E-Mails schicken.

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I come from America, and you? _______________ you from America, too?

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I like chocolate, and you? _______________ chocolate, too?

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This is my daughter. _______________ name is Lotta.

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I like Italian food. _______________ is the food in this Italian restaurant?

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Passport control officer: So, everything is in order. You may go straight to _______________. Enjoy your stay.

Airline passenger: Thank you.

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Hotel clerk: Good evening. May I help you?

Traveller: Yes, _________________________?

7 / 80

Restaurant server: So, how was everything? Can I bring you anything else?

Customer: Everything was fine, but _________________________.

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Visitor: Excuse me, is there a tourist office near here?

Person in the street: Yes, ______________________________. The tourist office will be on your left.

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Randy: Hello. I'm Randy.

Scott: Hello Randy. It's _______________ to meet you.

10 / 80

Fred: Barney, it's nice to see you again!

Barney: _________________________, Fred.

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Raymond: Oh, I really should leave for the airport now. I don't want to be late.

Phillip: _________________________, Raymond. See you next week.

12 / 80

Thomas: What happened to your knee?

Gerald: Oh, I _______________ off my bike.

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Have you ever _______________ a real princess?

14 / 80

Most Mondays, Martha comes to visit me, but if she doesn't have time she'll visit me the following day.

15 / 80

Apart from one song by Kenny G., Vincent hates soft jazz.

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I'm an engineer. I work _______________ Siemens.

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Humbert: What are you reading, Gordon?

Gordon: Oh, I'm reading a book _______________ Nabokov.

18 / 80

Maybel: That's a lovely jacket, June.

June: Thanks. I got it _______________ my birthday.

19 / 80

Dudley: How can you tell a piano _______________ a fish?

Benny: I know that joke. You can tune a piano, but you can't tune a fish.

20 / 80

Gerry: I heard you went to the theatre yesterday. How was it?

Thad: The play was great, but our babysitter arrived 30 minutes late, which meant we had to drive very fast. Fortunately, we arrived just _______________ time.

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Gertrud: Is that your son?

Albert: No, he's the son _______________ my wife's niece.

22 / 80

Dale: What time should I arrive for dinner?

Paige: We'll start dinner at 7:30, and please be _______________ time because we're going out dancing afterwards.

23 / 80

Ellen: Do you want to come down to the pub with us?

Thomas: Thanks, but I ____________________ this report and I have to finish it today.

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What time _______________ up this morning?

25 / 80

I was shopping all morning. Look what ____________________.

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Rachelle: A fantastic new club has just opened. Do you want to go with us this evening?

Sarah: Thanks, but I _______________ to bed early. I've got a lot to do tomorrow.

27 / 80

Sid: Have you got any plans for the weekend?

Jonny: Yes, _______________ down to Brighton to see my aunt.

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Guido: I can't decide whether to take my car to Munich or take the train.

Bernd: Haven't you heard that the railway workers are planning to strike this week.

Guido: That settles it: _________________________ my car.

29 / 80

I can't afford _______________ a new car till next year.

30 / 80

I don't remember _______________ this door.

31 / 80

Uncle Albert paid _______________ our lunch.

32 / 80

We will go to the concert on Saturday ______________________________

33 / 80

If energy _______________ inexpensive and unlimited, many things in the world would be different.

34 / 80

If I ___________________ on time I wouldn't have missed the bus.

35 / 80

While we were in Hawaii, the couple next door _________________________ our cats.

36 / 80

I wish you girls would stop messing _______________ and get to work.

37 / 80

That jacket matches your boots perfectly; and look, they've _________________________.

38 / 80

When I was younger, I was never much _________________________ cards, but now I quite enjoy Bridge.

39 / 80

As my grandmother often said, "Do not put _______________ till tomorrow what you can do today."

40 / 80

Todd was just _________________________ when he told them that he'd quit his job and was moving to Tibet.

41 / 80

It was so loud in the railway station that I couldn't _______________ what that man was saying.

42 / 80

I look forward _______________ you next week.

43 / 80

If you like, I can _________________________ for dinner.

44 / 80

Marshal: Can Anne speak French?

Carl: Yes, she speaks it almost perfectly, with just a _______________ accent.

45 / 80

Do you find it easy to _______________ decisions?

46 / 80

Tom: How was the traffic this morning?

Jerry: It was pretty _______________.

47 / 80

We found some _______________ bargains at the outlet mall.

48 / 80

Ruth: You live in Los Angeles now, don't you Fred?

Fred: We did, but we _______________ moved to to San Francisco two years ago.

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There's a lecture at the Natural History Museum tomorrow evening on spelunking. If you're _______________ we could go together.

50 / 80

I wouldn't say that the tennis match was _______________ exactly, but I have seen better.

51 / 80

Oh, no! There isn't _______________ more coffee. We've completely run out.

52 / 80

When my sister was at school, she studied all of the time. Her dream was to _______________ a doctor.

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With a population of around 1 million people, Oslo is the _______________  city in Norway.

54 / 80

Oh no! I haven't got any money with me. Can I _______________ five bucks? I'll pay you back tomorrow.

55 / 80

I thought that I had left early enough for the airport, but traffic was much worse than usual. I ended up missing my flight _______________ five minutes. Can you believe it?

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Look at what's in my hand! Can you guess what _______________ is?

57 / 80

One of my best teachers was Mr. Webber. I learned a _______________ deal from him.

58 / 80

Steve: That's the exact laptop that I want. Too bad it's only on sale today. I don't have enough money for it now.

Earl: Well, I can _______________ you the money so you can buy the laptop today. You can pay me back next month.

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You must be twins! No one person could have so _______________ problems.

60 / 80

My family was certainly not rich. My father never made _______________ money.

61 / 80

Have you heard that Brian didn't pass his driving test? The poor guy: he's _______________ disappointed.

62 / 80

Wilma: Your cake was wonderful, Betty!

Betty: Thank you! There is a little bit left.  Would you like _______________ more?

63 / 80

Oh! I didn't realize that it was _______________ a late hour. I must get going.

64 / 80

My train has been delayed, so I won't arrive home _______________ midnight.

65 / 80

The first summer that I worked as a camp counsellor was hard because I wasn't _________________________ up so early every morning.

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Her boyfriend left her to take a job in New Zealand, but she eventually _________________________.

67 / 80

Barry: David, this is a surprise! I thought you were in São Paulo.

David: I was there for three months, but I got back last week. I was sorry to leave because I was finally _________________________ Portuguese.

68 / 80

My cousin was only 20 when he started ____________________ bald.*

*bald = to lose one's hair

69 / 80

I'll be ready to leave in ten minutes. I'm just going to _________________________.

70 / 80

I have an appointment at the dentist next week to __________ my teeth cleaned.

71 / 80

Mary needs some help. Would you lend her ____________________, please?

72 / 80

Martin was very happy because his boss ____________________ home early.

73 / 80

Porsche didn't want to sit at the front of the classroom, but her teacher _______________ her do it.

74 / 80

I had planned to buy a new smartphone this month, but then I changed my _______________ .

75 / 80

I learned Italian when I was at school, and I pretty good at it. Unfortunately, I've forgotten a lot since then. My Italian _______________ a lot better.

76 / 80

While you're waiting, __________ I bring you something to drink?

77 / 80

Gretchen: Help yourself to more coffee, Robert.

Robert: Thank you, ______________________________.

78 / 80

The room feels quite warm to me. Would you mind _________________________ the window?

79 / 80

Host: Is there anything you'd like to do while you're visiting?

Visitor: Well, ___________________________________

80 / 80

Ricky: Have a nice weekend!

Lucy: _________________________

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