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I come from America, and you? _______________ you from America, too?

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In your town, _________________________?

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Ben wants to use the iPad. Can you bring it to _______________?

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I like Italian food. _______________ is the food in this Italian restaurant?

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Airline Agent: Would you prefer a window seat or to sit on the _______________?

Passenger: A window seat, please.

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Hotel clerk: So, here is your credit card back. You're all checked in. Would you like a wake up call?

Hotel guest: Oh, ______________________________.

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Restaurant server: So, how was everything? Can I bring you anything else?

Customer: Everything was fine, but _________________________.

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Visitor: Excuse me, is there a tourist office near here?

Person in the street: Yes, ______________________________. The tourist office will be on your left.

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Mick Jagger: Hi, I'm Mick.

Larry Smith: _________________________, Mick? I'm Larry.

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Spencer: Hi Thorsten, how are you?

Thorsten: _________________________

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Person at airport: Well, it was a pleasure meeting you. Have a good flight!

Other person at airport: Yes, _________________________. I wish you a good flight, as well.

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Frank: Do you know that book, "Where the Wild Things Are"? Who _______________ it?

Shelly: Maurice Sendak, I think.

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Than: You don't look so good today, George.

George: Really? That's funny because I have never _______________ better.

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Mark doesn't like to go to the cinema, but one or two times a year he goes with his wife.

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Most Mondays, Martha comes to visit me, but if she doesn't have time she'll visit me the following day.

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I'm an engineer. I work _______________ Siemens.

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Angelina: I've heard this song before, but do you know who wrote it?

Mason: I think the song is _______________ Bob Dylan.

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Maybel: That's a lovely jacket, June.

June: Thanks. I got it _______________ my birthday.

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I have a very old stamp in my collection. It dates _______________ the 17th century.

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Samantha: What's the matter with your eyes?

Joseph: It's the pollen. This always happens to me _______________ spring.

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Julie: Who is that boy in the picture?

Mary: Oh, it's a picture _______________ my brother when he was 12 years old.

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Dale: What time should I arrive for dinner?

Paige: We'll start dinner at 7:30, and please be _______________ time because we're going out dancing afterwards.

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Ellen: Do you want to come down to the pub with us?

Thomas: Thanks, but I ____________________ this report and I have to finish it today.

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Custancia: Have you always lived here?

Ruth: Well, I have lived most of my life here, but I _______________ about 50KM away.

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Could you drive me to the station? My car _______________ down.

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Winston: If you don't have any plans you could come over to our place on Saturday.

Jimmy: Thanks, but we _______________ visit my aunt Ginny on Saturday.

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Eric: Would you like to go to brunch with us on Sunday?

Larry: I'd love to, but _______________ my uncle with his computer on Sunday.

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I think that by the year 2050, most of the world's people _______________ English.

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Sorry I was late today. I promise _______________ on time tomorrow.

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I'm completely happy here. I can't imagine _______________ anywhere else.

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In the evenings, I usually _______________  jazz music.

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We will go to the concert on Saturday ______________________________

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If energy _______________ inexpensive and unlimited, many things in the world would be different.

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My friend, Jerry, bought a house in the country, but he says living in the country is boring. Jerry would have been happier with his decision, if he ______________________________

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The time I broke my brother's camera he went _______________ me like never before. That's the only time I've ever had a black eye.

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After losing their way, they wandered _______________ aimlessly till the rescue service found them.

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I don't like my cousin Richard. He thinks he knows everything better, and he's always _________________________.

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When I was younger, I was never much _________________________ cards, but now I quite enjoy Bridge.

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As my grandmother often said, "Do not put _______________ till tomorrow what you can do today."

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I don't believe a word you're saying. I think _________________________ .

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I wish that you would cut _______________ the nonsense and come to the point.

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I don't trust that Michael, I think he's _________________________ something.

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Believe it or not, some people find it quite easy to _______________ a new foreign language.

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We are running out of time. It's _______________ important that we take a decision now.

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Dinner will be ready in 30 minutes. Why don't you relax and _______________ your feet up till then?

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Would you like to _______________ us a visit on Saturday?

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Ritchie: Hey Mike! I didn't see you at the meeting last Friday.

Mike: That's because I was on a business _______________ all last week.

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Edna: So, Hank, it must feel good to be back in your home country. Where are you staying while you're here?

Hank: _______________ we're staying with my mother, but next week we're heading south to visit my brother for a few days.

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There's a lecture at the Natural History Museum tomorrow evening on spelunking. If you're _______________ we could go together.

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I wouldn't say that the tennis match was _______________ exactly, but I have seen better.

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There's a bit of Darjeeling tea left, but I'm afraid there isn't _______________ more Earl Grey, Jean-Luc. You've drunk it all.

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May I _______________ some mayonnaise to go with my fries, please?

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The first time I was in London I was surprised that the city is really not all that _______________. You can easily get around on foot.

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I don't know what this word means. Can I _______________ your dictionary for a minute?

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Billy: Hey Frank, is everything alright? You looked stressed.

Frank: Yes, I am stressed. I'm not finished with this report and my boss needs it _______________ four this afternoon.

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Look at what I have in my hand! Can you guess what _______________ are?

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Romeo and Juliet is perhaps the _______________ love story ever told.

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My brother _______________ me his tent and sleeping bag so that I could go camping this weekend.

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There is a saying in English: "Too _______________ cooks spoil the broth.

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Michelle: Would you like to go to the park with us?

Barry: I'd love to, but I've got _______________ work.

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Have you heard that Brian didn't pass his driving test? The poor guy: he's _______________ disappointed.

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Wilma: Your cake was wonderful, Betty!

Betty: Thank you! There is a little bit left.  Would you like _______________ more?

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Oh! I didn't realize that it was _______________ a late hour. I must get going.

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My grandmother didn't learn to drive a car _______________ she was nearly 40 years old.

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Betty Lou: Pierre's English was much better five years ago.

Leroy: Well, he doesn't use English in his new job. I don't think he's _______________ English anymore.

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I was very sad after my dog died, but in time I _________________________.

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Harry: The summer when I was 20 I worked on a fishing boat.

Elizabeth: Interesting!

Harry: It was, but it took me about half the summer to _________________________ up so early every morning.

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Vincent van Gogh is one of the greatest painters, but he eventually _______________ mad.

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I'll be ready to leave in ten minutes. I'm just going to _________________________.

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You know the woman who decorated the Jones' house? Well, we're _______________ her do ours, as well.

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Oh, I'm glad you're here. I need some help. Could you ____________________ me a hand?

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Martin was very happy because his boss ____________________ home early.

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Spencer wanted to go home early, but his boss _______________ him stay late.

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Sales person: Well, have you made up your _______________?

Customer: Yes, I'll take the green one.

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My grandfather told me that when he was a child they _______________ so many TV channels.

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The coffee is fresh. __________ you like some?

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Alice: Would you like another piece of cake, Pierre?

Pierre: Thank you. It was delicious, but _________________________ eat another bite.

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The room feels too warm to me. Would you _________________________ the window?

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Host: How is your accommodation?

Visitor: Oh, ______________________________.

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Randy: Here's your coffee.

Tom: Thank you!

Randy: _________________________

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