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I come from America, and you? _______________ you from America, too?

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I like chocolate, and you? _______________ chocolate, too?

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Anne wants to use the iPad. Can you bring it to _______________?

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You can have the red one or the blue one. _______________ one do you want?

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Airline Agent: Here are your tickets and boarding passes. Have a nice flight.

Passenger: Thank you. Oh, and could you tell me where our _______________ gate is?

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Hotel clerk: So, that's one double room. And when will you be checking out?

Hotel guest: We ______________________________.

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Restaurant server: What can I bring you?

Customer: Hmm, ______________________________.

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Visitor: Excuse me, is the railway station this way?

Person in street: Oh, ______________________________.

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Randy: Hello. I'm Randy.

Scott: Hello Randy. It's _______________ to meet you.

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Spencer: Hi Thorsten, how are you?

Thorsten: _________________________

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Patty: I'll give you a ring sometime next week.

Susan: Great! _________________________.

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Thomas: What happened to your knee?

Gerald: Oh, I _______________ off my bike.

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Have you ever _______________ anything that wasn't yours?

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Most Mondays, Martha comes to visit me, but if she doesn't have time she'll visit me the following day.

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Rita stopped eating meat when she was a teenager. Now, the only time she eats meat is at Christmas dinner.

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Martin: Shall we eat dinner before or after the film?

Patty: Well, the film starts _______________ 18:30, but it's only 90 minutes long. So, let's eat after.

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Patty: That's an interesting picture, Chuck.

Chuck: Yes, I like it, too. It was painted _______________ my sister. She's an artist.

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Henry: What's that you've got there?

Lain: Oh, it's a book I just bought _______________ my brother. His birthday is next week.

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Julie: What have you got there?

Mary: Oh, it's a postcard _______________ my brother.

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Gerry: I heard you went to the theatre yesterday. How was it?

Thad: The play was great, but our babysitter arrived 30 minutes late, which meant we had to drive very fast. Fortunately, we arrived just _______________ time.

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Gertrud: Is that your son?

Albert: No, he's the son _______________ my wife's niece.

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Dale: What time should I arrive for dinner?

Paige: We'll start dinner at 7:30, and please be _______________ time because we're going out dancing afterwards.

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I'm sorry. I hope that I _________________________ you.

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I feel tired today. I _______________ enough last night.

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Could you drive me to the station? My car _______________ down.

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Winston: If you don't have any plans you could come over to our place on Saturday.

Jimmy: Thanks, but we _______________ visit my aunt Ginny on Saturday.

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I could really use your help tomorrow afternoon, if _________________________ anything.

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The cities of the future _________________________ self-driving cars and moving walkways.

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I'm sorry _______________ you.

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When I'm on vacation, what I enjoy _______________ most is relaxing with a good book.

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Uncle Albert paid _______________ our lunch.

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We will go sailing on Saturday ______________________________

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If energy _______________ inexpensive and unlimited, many things in the world would be different.

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My friend, Jerry, bought a house in the country, but he says living in the country is boring. Jerry would have been happier with his decision, if he ______________________________

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George Sr. must be very proud how much his son takes _______________ him.

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Nobody wanted to work this morning. Everybody was just _________________________.

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I could really use your help in here, if you can _________________________ your iPad for a few minutes.

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I was never one _______________ sport when I was at school, but five years ago I started jogging; and next month I'm doing a half-marathon.

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The boss is ill, so it looks like the quarterly meeting will have to be put _______________ till next month.

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I have a great-aunt who lives near Washington D.C. Whenever I'm in the area I like to call _______________ her.

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It was so loud in the railway station that I couldn't _______________ what that man was saying.

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My grandfather was someone _________________________.

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If you don't know a word you can  _______________ in a dictionary.

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George: I hear a new Indian restaurant's opened up. Is it any good?

Carver: Yes, the food's very good; and _______________ priced.

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Tom: How was the traffic this morning?

Jerry: It was pretty _______________.

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I'm glad you called! I was getting _______________ worried.

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How much money do you _______________ every month?

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Henry: Do you like the movie The Godfather, Willis?

Willis: I haven't _______________ seen it.

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There's a lecture at the Natural History Museum tomorrow evening on spelunking. If you're _______________ we could go together.

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Sean: Nice to see you Chas! How was your flight?

Chas: It was exactly how a flight should be: completely _______________.

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Oh, no! There isn't _______________ more coffee. We've completely run out.

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My sister mailed me a birthday card last week, but I still haven't _______________ it.

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Ouch, my feet hurt! It seems I made a _______________ mistake buying these shoes.

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I don't know what this word means. Can I _______________ your dictionary for a minute?

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I thought that I had left early enough for the airport, but traffic was much worse than usual. I ended up missing my flight _______________ five minutes. Can you believe it?

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Tom's late again! Oh, _______________ boy is going to drive me crazy.

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Romeo and Juliet is perhaps the _______________ love story ever told.

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My brother _______________ me his tent and sleeping bag so that I could go camping this weekend.

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You must be twins! No one person could have so _______________ problems.

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My family was certainly not rich. My father never made _______________ money.

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I can't believe what good luck we've had. The people who moved in next door to us are _______________ nice.

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It's hard to believe, but there are _______________ people who don't like chocolate ice cream.

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I think you'll really like Christopher. He's _______________ a nice guy.

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Billy: Hey Reg, we're going out to a restaurant. Do you want to join us?

Reg: I'd love to, but Marilyn just called to say that she'll be late. Someone has to stay here _______________ six, so I guess that's me.

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Betty Lou: Pierre's English was much better five years ago.

Leroy: Well, he doesn't use English in his new job. I don't think he's _______________ English anymore.

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Police have no clue to the hacker's identity, so it looks like they have _________________________ their crime, and won't be punished.

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Barry: David, this is a surprise! I thought you were in São Paulo.

David: I was there for three months, but I got back last week. I was sorry to leave because I was finally _________________________ Portuguese.

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As we grow older, it's only natural for our hair to ____________________.

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I'm just going to go to the supermarket and __________ some ice cream for desert.

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I'm not sure whether to try and repair my laptop myself or to __________ it repaired by a professional.

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Mary needs some help. Would you lend her ____________________, please?

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We gave the workers a key so that they could _______________ themselves in and out.

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Spencer wanted to go home early, but his boss _______________ him stay late.

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I had planned to buy a new smartphone this month, but then I changed my _______________ .

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I learned Italian when I was at school, and I pretty good at it. Unfortunately, I've forgotten a lot since then. My Italian _______________ a lot better.

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The coffee is fresh. __________ for some?

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Roger: About our next appointment, does Thursday at 11:00 work?

Raphael: ______________________________. How about Friday at 11:00?

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Sorry to trouble you, but I _________________________ if we could meet on Thursday instead of Friday.

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Host: Is there anything you'd like to do while you're visiting?

Visitor: Well, ___________________________________

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Ricky: Have a nice weekend!

Lucy: _________________________

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