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Online Courses and Workshops

Onolingo delivers learner-centered courses and workshops to companies, freelancers, and self-motivated learners.

Our proven training methods will help you to use English more naturally, more fluently, and with greater confidence in business, travel, and everyday situations.

Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced

Whatever your language level is now, Onolingo has a suitable course or workshop. Our time-tested training methods will help you improve quickly, and therefore cost effectively.

Whether you need to improve your pronunciation, make telephone calls, take part in meetings or video conferences, buy or sell something, write more effective emails, prepare and deliver presentations, travel, or just make small-talk… Onolingo has a cost-effective training solution for you.

Flexible Training Options

Learn online in a small group

Our online courses and workshops for groups are highly interactive, and involve language games, problem-solving tasks, and lots of authentic communication practice. Learning in a small group is enjoyable, and very effective. On average, our online courses and workshops for groups have six participants. Small groups mean that you always have opportunity to participate. Sometimes, you will even work with just one or two other members of your group in a breakout room.

Learn online one-to-one

Learning one-to-one provides you maximum flexibility in both what you learn, and when. Plus, you get your teacher’s undivided attention at all times.

Online training for companies

Onolingo founder, John Moen, has worked with businesses, large and small, for over 25 years delivering high-quality training solutions for employees.

Onolingo English Training emphasizes the development of key communication competencies. This means that your employees learn what they need to quickly, and cost effectively.

Learn with an experienced teacher

Onolingo teachers are highly qualified native speakers, with years of experience. That's why lessons are fun and engaging. And it's why you'll reach your learning goals quickly and efficiently. Read more...

— John Moen, Founder