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Onolingo's Swift Level Assessment (OSLA) checks your knowledge of English so you can choose the right course for your language level. There are 80 questions in total. You have 30 minutes, at most, to finish the test, but you might finish faster.

Read each question carefully, then choose the best answer of the 3 or 4 possibilities. If you feel unsure, do not worry. This is normal.

Each time you select an answer, the test automatically moves to the next question. If you think that you have made a mistake, do not worry, there are enough questions that the test can still give you an accurate result.

PLEASE BE AWARE: before you begin the test, find a quiet place, with a strong internet connection, where you will not be disturbed.

Answer as many questions as you can, even if you do not know the right answer. You may stop the test at any time, but the more questions you answer, the more accurate your result will be.

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I have two hobbies: tennis and photography. What _______________ your hobbies?

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I like chocolate, and you? _______________ chocolate, too?

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This is my son. _______________ name is Carl.

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I live in England. _______________ are you from?

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Airline Agent: Would you prefer a window seat or to sit on the _______________?

Passenger: A window seat, please.

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Hotel clerk: So, here is your credit card back. You're all checked in. Would you like a wake up call?

Hotel guest: Oh, ______________________________.

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Restaurant server: So, how was everything? Can I bring you anything else?

Customer: Everything was fine, but _________________________.

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Visitor: Excuse me, is there a tourist office near here?

Person in the street: Yes, ______________________________. The tourist office will be on your left.

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Randy: Hello. I'm Randy.

Scott: Hello Randy. It's _______________ to meet you.

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Eric: Winston! It's great to see you.

Winston: Great to see you too, Eric. How _________________________?

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Raymond: Oh, I really should leave for the airport now. I don't want to be late.

Phillip: _________________________, Raymond. See you next week.

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Frank: Do you know that book, "Where the Wild Things Are"? Who _______________ it?

Shelly: Maurice Sendak, I think.

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Have you ever _______________ the Grand Canyon?

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On Friday evenings, Norman likes to meet his friends at the pub, but sometimes his friends want to go on Saturday.

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Apart from one song by Kenny G., Vincent hates soft jazz.

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I'm an engineer. I work _______________ Siemens.

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Humbert: What are you reading, Gordon?

Gordon: Oh, I'm reading a book _______________ Nabokov.

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Well, we're all packed. We're leaving _______________ Oslo in the morning.

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I have a very old stamp in my collection. It dates _______________ the 17th century.

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Samantha: What's the matter with your eyes?

Joseph: It's the pollen. This always happens to me _______________ spring.

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Madison: Do you have a favorite author?

Germain: Not anymore, but when I was younger I was a real fan _______________ Steinbeck.

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Dale: What time should I arrive for dinner?

Paige: We'll start dinner at 7:30, and please be _______________ time because we're going out dancing afterwards.

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I'm sorry. I hope that I _________________________ you.

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What time _______________ up this morning?

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I can't remember the last time I saw a film. I _________________________ to the cinema in ages.

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Rachelle: A fantastic new club has just opened. Do you want to go with us this evening?

Sarah: Thanks, but I _______________ to bed early. I've got a lot to do tomorrow.

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I could really use your help tomorrow afternoon, if _________________________ anything.

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I think that by the year 2050, most of the world's people _______________ English.

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I'm sorry _______________ you.

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When I'm on vacation, what I enjoy _______________ most is relaxing with a good book.

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Last week, my cousin applied _______________ a job, but he didn't get it.

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The Boss: You can go home early if ___________________________________

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I would be much happier, if I ______________________________

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My friend, Jerry, bought a house in the country, but he says living in the country is boring. Jerry would have been happier with his decision, if he ______________________________

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George Sr. must be very proud how much his son takes _______________ him.

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Nobody wanted to work this morning. Everybody was just _________________________.

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That jacket matches your boots perfectly; and look, they've _________________________.

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Well, we've got a lot of work done today! I'm feeling thirsty, and you? Are you _______________ having a pint at the pub?

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As my grandmother often said, "Do not put _______________ till tomorrow what you can do today."

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I don't believe a word you're saying. I think _________________________ .

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I wish that you would cut _______________ the nonsense and come to the point.

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My grandfather was someone _________________________.

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The children spent the morning _______________ the garden.

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I woke up to the sound of the wind _______________ through the trees.

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Don't eat too many of those tortilla chips or you'll _______________ your appetite.

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This morning there were _______________ of fog on the motorway.

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The time I stayed in Madrid gave me a great  _______________ to improve my Spanish.

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Ruth: You live in Los Angeles now, don't you Fred?

Fred: We did, but we _______________ moved to to San Francisco two years ago.

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Don was fired from his job, and he's too _______________ to tell his wife.

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I wouldn't say that the tennis match was _______________ exactly, but I have seen better.

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If you need my help, just give me a call. You can call _______________ time you like.

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May I _______________ some mayonnaise to go with my fries, please?

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With a population of around 1 million people, Oslo is the _______________  city in Norway.

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I need to make a quick trip to the post office. Can I _______________ your bicycle?

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I'm going out. I'll be back _______________ 11:00.

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Look at what's in my hand! Can you guess what _______________ is?

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One of my best teachers was Mr. Webber. I learned a _______________ deal from him.

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Have you read the book Driving Over Lemons? It's really funny. I can _______________ you my copy, if you would like to read it.

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Cliff: How was the meeting, Walt?

Walt: Not bad, but I ate too _______________ cookies.

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I can't believe how _______________ it costs to see a movie these days.

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Oh, look at the time! I didn't realize it was _______________ late. I must get going.

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Wilma: Your cake was wonderful, Betty!

Betty: Thank you! There is a little bit left.  Would you like _______________ more?

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Oh! I didn't realize that it was _______________ a late hour. I must get going.

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Billy: Hey Reg, we're going out to a restaurant. Do you want to join us?

Reg: I'd love to, but Marilyn just called to say that she'll be late. Someone has to stay here _______________ six, so I guess that's me.

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The first summer that I worked as a camp counsellor was hard because I wasn't _________________________ up so early every morning.

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I was very sad after my dog died, but in time I _________________________.

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Raymond: What was the most difficult thing about working in Shenzhen, Jeffery?

Jeffery: Well, the language, I suppose. It's not easy to _________________________ in a foreign language.

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My cousin was only 20 when he started ____________________ bald.*

*bald = to lose one's hair

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I'll be ready to leave in ten minutes. I'm just going to _________________________.

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I'm not sure whether to paint the kitchen myself or to __________ it painted by a professional.

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Gather around, everyone, and lend me your ____________________. I have an incredible story to tell you.

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Martin was very happy because his boss ____________________ home early.

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Porsche didn't want to sit at the front of the classroom, but her teacher _______________ her do it.

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I had planned to buy a new smartphone this month, but then I changed my _______________ .

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Do you see that yellow house over there? When I was a child we lived in that house, but it _______________ blue then.

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The coffee is fresh. __________ you like some?

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Alice: Would you like another piece of cake, Pierre?

Pierre: Thank you. It was delicious, but _________________________ eat another bite.

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Sorry to trouble you, but I _________________________ if you would post a letter for me on your way home.

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Host: Did you have any trouble finding us?

Visitor: Oh, ___________________________________.

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Bill: How is your coffee, Steve?

Steve: Well, _________________________.

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