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Onolingo's Swift Level Assessment (OSLA) checks your knowledge of English so you can choose the right course for your language level. There are 80 questions in total. You have 30 minutes, at most, to finish the test, but you might finish faster.

Read each question carefully, then choose the best answer of the 3 or 4 possibilities. If you feel unsure, do not worry. This is normal.

Each time you select an answer, the test automatically moves to the next question. If you think that you have made a mistake, do not worry, there are enough questions that the test can still give you an accurate result.

PLEASE BE AWARE: before you begin the test, find a quiet place, with a strong internet connection, where you will not be disturbed.

Answer as many questions as you can, even if you do not know the right answer. You may stop the test at any time, but the more questions you answer, the more accurate your result will be.

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My friend comes from Spain, and your friend? _______________ your friend from Spain, too?

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In your town, _________________________?

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This is my son. _______________ name is Carl.

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You can have the red one or the blue one. _______________ one do you want?

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Passport control officer: So, everything is in order. You may go straight to _______________. Enjoy your stay.

Airline passenger: Thank you.

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Hotel clerk: Good evening. May I help you?

Traveller: Yes, _________________________?

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Restaurant server: So, are you ready to _______________ or do you need another minute?

Customer: We're ready. I'll have. . .

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Visitor: Excuse me, is there a McDonald's near here?

Man in the street: Yes, ______________________________. The McDonalds will be on your right.

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Bob: My name is Bob Parker.

John: John Ronson. _________________________, Mr. Parker.

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Fred: Barney, it's nice to see you again!

Barney: _________________________, Fred.

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Patty: I'll give you a ring sometime next week.

Susan: Great! _________________________.

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Thomas: What happened to your knee?

Gerald: Oh, I _______________ off my bike.

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Have you ever _______________ a real princess?

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On Friday evenings, Norman likes to meet his friends at the pub, but sometimes his friends want to go on Saturday.

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Sam doesn't like to go out dancing, but twice a year he goes with his wife.

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Ted: How's work these days?

Ben: Really good. _______________ the moment, I'm working on a very interesting project.

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Humbert: What are you reading, Gordon?

Gordon: Oh, I'm reading a book _______________ Nabokov.

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Well, we're all packed. We're leaving _______________ Oslo in the morning.

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I have a very old stamp in my collection. It dates _______________ the 17th century.

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Samantha: What's the matter with your eyes?

Joseph: It's the pollen. This always happens to me _______________ spring.

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Madison: Do you have a favorite author?

Germain: Not anymore, but when I was younger I was a real fan _______________ Steinbeck.

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Dale: What time should I arrive for dinner?

Paige: We'll start dinner at 7:30, and please be _______________ time because we're going out dancing afterwards.

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Ellen: Do you want to come down to the pub with us?

Thomas: Thanks, but I ____________________ this report and I have to finish it today.

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Custancia: Have you always lived here?

Ruth: Well, I have lived most of my life here, but I _______________ about 50KM away.

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Could you drive me to the station? My car _______________ down.

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Look at those clouds! We'd better find shelter because _________________________ any minute.

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Sid: Have you got any plans for the weekend?

Jonny: Yes, _______________ down to Brighton to see my aunt.

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I think that by the year 2050, most of the world's people _______________ English.

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I can't afford _______________ a new car till next year.

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I don't remember _______________ this door.

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Last week, my cousin applied _______________ a job, but he didn't get it.

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The Boss: You can go home early if ___________________________________

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I would be much happier, if I ______________________________

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If I ___________________ on time I wouldn't have missed the bus.

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George Sr. must be very proud how much his son takes _______________ him.

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I wish you girls would stop messing _______________ and get to work.

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I don't like my cousin Richard. He thinks he knows everything better, and he's always _________________________.

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When I was younger, I was never much _________________________ cards, but now I quite enjoy Bridge.

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It's been a lovely evening. Thank you for inviting me! Right, I'm _______________.

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I have a great-aunt who lives near Washington D.C. Whenever I'm in the area I like to call _______________ her.

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Thank you for driving me to the station. I hope I'm not _________________________.

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It sounds like the conference will be very interesting. I'm looking forward _______________ you there.

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Believe it or not, some people find it quite easy to _______________ a new foreign language.

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George: I hear a new Indian restaurant's opened up. Is it any good?

Carver: Yes, the food's very good; and _______________ priced.

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We'll eat dinner later, but if you're hungry now you could have a _______________ snack.

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You really should take your car to the mechanic now. Otherwise, you'll _______________ a big problem.

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I'm glad you called! I was getting _______________ worried.

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Henry: Do you like the movie The Godfather, Willis?

Willis: I haven't _______________ seen it.

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When Laura broke her mother's expensive teacup, Laura's mother did not appear _______________.

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There's a special exhibition on Bauhaus design at the museum. My friend said she found it very _______________.

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Oh, no! There isn't _______________ more coffee. We've completely run out.

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May I _______________ some mayonnaise to go with my fries, please?

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With a population of around 1 million people, Oslo is the _______________  city in Norway.

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I need to make a quick trip to the post office. Can I _______________ your bicycle?

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I'm going out. I'll be back _______________ 11:00.

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Tom's late again! Oh, _______________ boy is going to drive me crazy.

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Romeo and Juliet is perhaps the _______________ love story ever told.

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Steve: That's the exact laptop that I want. Too bad it's only on sale today. I don't have enough money for it now.

Earl: Well, I can _______________ you the money so you can buy the laptop today. You can pay me back next month.

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There is a saying in English: "Too _______________ cooks spoil the broth.

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My family was certainly not rich. My father never made _______________ money.

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Have you heard that Brian didn't pass his driving test? The poor guy: he's _______________ disappointed.

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Why don't you drop by _______________ time? We would like to see you!

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I think you'll really like Christopher. He's _______________ a nice guy.

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My grandmother didn't learn to drive a car _______________ she was nearly 40 years old.

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The first summer that I worked as a camp counsellor was hard because I wasn't _________________________ up so early every morning.

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Police have no clue to the hacker's identity, so it looks like they have _________________________ their crime, and won't be punished.

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Barry: David, this is a surprise! I thought you were in São Paulo.

David: I was there for three months, but I got back last week. I was sorry to leave because I was finally _________________________ Portuguese.

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My cousin was only 20 when he started ____________________ bald.*

*bald = to lose one's hair

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I'm just going to go to the supermarket and __________ some ice cream for desert.

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I have an appointment at the dentist next week to __________ my teeth cleaned.

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Gather around, everyone, and lend me your ____________________. I have an incredible story to tell you.

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The boys wanted to know if I would ____________________ them use the boat this weekend.

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Simon didn't want to tidy up his room, but his mother _______________ him do it.

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Sales person: Well, have you made up your _______________?

Customer: Yes, I'll take the green one.

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Do you see that yellow house over there? When I was a child we lived in that house, but it _______________ blue then.

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The coffee is fresh. __________ for some?

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Alice: Would you like another piece of cake, Pierre?

Pierre: Thank you. It was delicious, but _________________________ eat another bite.

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Sorry to trouble you, but I _________________________ if we could meet on Thursday instead of Friday.

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Host: Did you have any trouble finding us?

Visitor: Oh, ___________________________________.

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Bill: How is your coffee, Steve?

Steve: Well, _________________________.

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